Comic Book Investing

Most people like to investment in those things that they have great interest in. Many times these interests were developed during childhood and they have continued through the years. One type of investment that falls into this category is comic books. Classic comic books have become a big market. Many investors look at their hobby/business as a long term, moneymaking proposition and have seen profits in the thousands of dollars.

Most investors anticipate buying a comic book collection for a few hundred dollars today then selling it in 10, 20 or 30 years for ten to a hundred times its purchase price. The return on investment is definitely something to consider.

Types of Comic Books
When dealing in comic books, there are some important things to consider. There are two types of comics, those that are niche and those that are mainstream. The mainstream comics will be collected by a greater number of people and their values can remain low since they are readily available. The niche comics, however, may not have the popularity and finding a buyer may be challenging. Therefore, the best purchase is somewhere in between by getting a popular comic that is somewhat of a niche.

Storing Your Purchases
Once the comic book is purchased, it is important to store it since it may be kept for a number of years. The comic book values are determined by its physical condition. Any discoloration, tears or creases may negatively impact the value. It is best to keep comic books in air tight containers that are not opened. They should be stored in a ventilated and temperature controlled place.

Know the Value
As with all investments, it is important to keep on top of the comic book value. Over time the comic book can go up and down in value. It is usually a good idea to forecast an amount that would be a reasonable sales price. It should be realistic and not too high. When the value hits the peak price that you feel is lucrative, then it may be time to sell and make your profit.

There are a number of price guides for determining the value of comic books. Many of them can be found on the Internet and a plan of periodic checking will help determine the comic book’s value trend. Keeping a spreadsheet that shows date and value on your inventory will give you pertinent information for your buying and selling decisions.

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